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Created By A Group Of Teens Who Decided To Weed Out The Stoners And Pleasure Addicts Of Their School. It Formed Into A Gang That Now Circulates, Not Much Of A Violent Gang, But A Extremely Laid-Back And Sexy Gang. They Are, Though, Meant To Be Taken Seriously Because If Threatened They Will Not Hesitate To Bust A Cap In Yo' Ass Then Stuff Catnip(In Subsitution Of Weed) And A Dildo Down The Hole(Known Signature Killing). It's Also Very Simple To Become A Member, But Very Hard To Leave.
Some Symbols Of The Gang Are An N & P Connecting

Another Symbol And Abbreviation Is NBP Can Be Used As A Nymphoblaziac Tell Tale Sign.

Member: "Yo Man...You Like Orgasming?"
ToBeMember: "Why Yes...Yes I Do.."
Member: "Yooo...You Like...Blazin'?"
ToBeMember: "Hells Yes!"
Member: "Duuude, You Are Now A Nymphoblaziac! Welcome To The Gang...We Love Ya' Already."
by NBPWiz January 28, 2010
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