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Anyone with this name is surely unique! It's most likely a girl and they tend to be born a Scorpio. If so, double points. These people are very kind, fun-loving, and a secret freak in the sheets. Any Nyala you meet will have a different sense of style but you'll learn to love it. Beware of getting on a Nyala's bad side though, they can hold a grudge forever. Otherwise, these people are really devoted to any friend, family member, or lover.
Person 1: "I met this girl named Nyala."
Person 2: "No way?"
Person 1: "Yeah, you've got to meet her. She is pretty cool."
Person 2: "I bet. That's a cool a** name!"
by somerandomdudenamedtyler December 27, 2011
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1) a word that refers to the awesome family, composed of friends, that met at college
2) an onamonapia word; used to make your presence known to a group of people. Or in some cases, it can be used to verbally assault someone.
Kenny: Hey man, whats up?
Zach: Nyala!!!
Kenny: Oh shit!
Zach: Nyala!
Kenny: Please, stop the abuse!
Zach: ...Nyala?
by Red Headed Italian October 26, 2011
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