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It is any item that is made of a romote and a zapping device (when u press the button on the romote the device zaps). its called nut zapper because it's used to zap nuts. try to stick the device to your friend's or enemy's of any nerd's naked nuts when he's asleep and order him to obey all ur orders or he will be nut zapped. ir u try it to yourself u will feel the pain for several minutes, so he won't disobey a single order.
Man, once in the camp 5 to 7 enemies whome i hate attacked me while asleep and stuck that nut zapper device into my nuts. it was midnight when each gave an order and i couldn't disobey and when i disobeyed two to three orders i was zapped and that was so painful i felt it for 30 minutes. some of the orders were burn ur boots and socks, eat a living spider, lick the sand, and the worst was ot burn my clothes, finally i agreed and burned them all. next day was a disaster part of my ass was showing and the boxers were ashes and the trouser was torn and black and i was bare shirt and barefooted
by michael-mikey October 20, 2007
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