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Nurayn is a a girl with frizzy dark brown hair. She is confident and funny but has a controlling personality and is a natural leader. She will take nothing from nobody. She's also a smarty-pants, but is too modest to admit it. She's amazing at tennis and hates people taking her food. She will stand up to anyone who dissed her friends and is not afraid to speak her mind. All in all she is amazing to have as a friend. Anyone with a Nurayn as a friend is blessed.
Person sitting next to her: Hey, Nurayn can I have a veggie straw?
Nurayn: NO!
Person sitting next to her: Fine.
by DandruffGrandpaBae January 02, 2017
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An awesome girl. She has dark brown, shiny hair. She is so amazing!!!!! All her friends luv her. She is so awesome!!! She is also smart. She is in extended everything!!!!!
Person 1: I'm having a bad day
Person 2: hey look, Nurayn!
Person 1: I fell a light surging through my veins!
Person 2: are you better?
Person 1: yes Walking by Nurayn made me feel better
by Rootbeertennis June 30, 2016
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