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Nuptup. Destroyer of worlds, devourer of souls, straight baller.

What one looks upon as a simple Vileplume is far more. Nuptup (Nuptup) is a god. Higher up in the pantheon of gods than even Arceus, Nuptup (Nuptup) was YouTuber 'ProJared's' favorite and most useful Pokemon in his Nuzlocke challange.

She destroyed Misty, defeated Lt. Surge, outsped an Alakazaam, and even defeated death itself.

Truly no-one is safe from the almighty Nuptup (Nuptup).
"We come at the shrine on the mighty Nuptup (Nuptup) in order to give our souls upon her mighty holiness. May her solarbeams rain against our enemies."
by Girm November 09, 2013
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