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An uncomfortable, agitated feeling that everybody gets around numbers, to some degree. Even mathematicians get this feeling.

You see, numbers are capable of continuing off into infinity. Even when you look at, say, the number one, your subconscious mind realizes that "what are the chances that the number I'm looking at just so happens to be one? It could've been any number!" Numbers are an indescribable force, and all math classes, even the most advanced, just scratch the surface of the concept of working with numbers. They are not a measurement, but a force we can't even begin to control or work to it's full potential as human beings.

It's these subconscious thoughts that cause slight discomfort around numbers.

Another thing that causes a "numbersy" feeling is math class. If you grew up in America, then chances are that you HATED math class. Every time you see a number of any kind, you're subconsciously reminded of that horrid class, thus causing a "Numbersy" feeling.

Yet another cause is the fact that you cannot escape numbers in today's society. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! EVERYWHERE!
When I showed Ted the graph, he got all numbersy. He must've hated math class.
by sexyanthropomorphicwolf August 30, 2009
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