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Null Object is an electronic music producer from Sydney Australia who is sighted as making music like no one else on earth.

It is believed through ceremonial aboriginal rituals he performs, the spirits of the Sky Heroes initiate all creative input, where he becomes a medium to the Dreaming.

No clear genre can be associated to his works and often listeners are left disturbed and bewildered, becoming socially inverted and disconnected.

In 1998 after a live performance in 61 Regent St Sydney it is claimed the audience were rendered completely silent for 4 hours after an invocation of the Yolngu Law Dog spirit.

People have reported poltergeist activity whilst listening to recordings and it has been recommended to not listen with headphones.

Examples of his work can be found on many mediums but mostly vinyl and examples exist on YouTube, Discogs and Sound Cloud.
Smart Person: "Whacha listening to on ya Ipod?"
Dumb Person: "Null Object's I saw Machines But I Heard Monsters."
Smart Person: I gotta go mate - I don't need that shit in my life."
Dumb Person: "What Shit?"
Smart Person: "You'll see."
by Spirit Walker March 24, 2010
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