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A specialized knot used in the tying or closing of high-quality marijuana bags or sacks. This knot is created by adding ample air to the weed bag and then tying it with a coke knot (when the bag is twisted, looped around once, and the excess bag is loosely tied and folded over).

The air pocket added to the bag then serves as protection to the enclosed marijuana. The bag can now be handled without ruining your expensive bud. The bag may even go into your pocked without flattening it or crushing all the crystals off your bud.

This usually works best with under an eigth of high-quality dank in a sandwich bag.

I just picked up some fire bud tied up in a nug knot man.

I tied my gram up in a nug knot and left.
by BurninKush November 20, 2008
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