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A term used within the forums of the site, mostly in The GD, that identifies a thread publicly displaying the nudes(or naked pictures) of a gaian.Nudes are usually obtained by tricking users on the site to take unattractive and awkward pics of them naked in exchange for obtaining some nudes themselves. Little do they know, they are being trolled and they are about to be nudedropped. Actually, they probably do but with how non-existent their morals are, they mostly likely do not care.

GD'ers also tend to make misleading nudedrop threads, in which they present their thread with the "nudedrop" title, yet you go inside and what do you know? There aren't any fucking nudes.
other GD'er:i cant tell if those are breasts or man boobs...
GD'er 3: makes white knight comment that obviously isn't true

Saying commonly heard in The GD: hey, were my nudes dropped last night...?
by pseudonym my ass May 26, 2013
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