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Nub or Noob Hacks are the first level of hacks and usually are found while some complete retard decides that he is ace when he kills everyone in the server and immediately gets banned. Nub hacks are usually found in Counter Strike where the dicktard in a team's spawn is getting instant headshots on people that are on the opposite side of the map behind multiple walls/doors/trees/other players/props/dinosaurs
Order of Hax:
Level 1: Nub or Noob Hacks
Level 2: Admin Hacks
Level 3: Hulio Hacks

Dicktard: 1 4m 1337 pwnzor
Frustrated casual player: No you are leet nub hax fucktard
Dicktard was kicked by console
by AlexOBV September 02, 2008
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