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A modern twist on the American pass-time of Beer Pong, developed in Santee, Ca in early 2009.

The object is the exact same as classic pong; sink your ball and make your homies drink.

What you'll need to play:

• 4 or more eager beer drinkers

• A messy table (the more debris, the better)

• Coasters

• Pint glasses

• Ping pong balls

• BEER, obviously

Scoring breakdown:

Sink it on the fly = 1 drink (this shot can not be made on the person sitting directly next to you)

• Sink it on one bounce = 2 drinks

• Sink it on two bounces = 3 drinks

• Make a "Gump Shot" (bounce the ball off the table and the wall) = 4 drinks


Jamoke shot (catch someone's beer off of their coaster and sink it) - They are a jamoke and therefore must chug their beer!

• Upper deck (accidently get your ball stuck anywhere above the table i.e. lamp or shelf) - Chug your beer!

Community Cup (an empty cup that MUST place somewhere on the table) - if your ball lands here, chug your beer!

• Spilt beer- This is the worst thing that can happen and you must exit the game until someone else makes a shot (you're also the beer bitch for the remainder of the game)


*There is no shooting order, if you have the ball shoot it.

The rules are simple and the fun is endless. This is not your daddy's beer pong!
"Yo dog, I heard there might be an epic game of Nu Pong on Ryder Road tonight!"
by BEERWICK March 03, 2009
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