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Caring and would break her back for anyone, So adorable. Most like born in June-December and if you get on her bad side, Good Luck! She doesnt care if anyone really likes her or not. A people pleaser so wont put up too much of an argument if you ask or tell her to do something. She is smart but doesnt really show it. She is crazy at time and could pop off any moment. Says whats on her mind sometimes but not all the time ( she feels people use that as an excuse to be rude) gives too many chances to people who have done her wrong but when she's at her last straw thats it. A great secret keeper. Even if you guys aren't cool anymore she'll still keep your secret unless you try to say something about her that's believe she's going to bark back. Her bite is bigger than her bark. Confident but yet not fully confident. Never self-righteous. Has a wacky yet fresh and fly style. Procrastinator. Has pride. Can sense when something fishy is happening. Nothing gets past her. No matter if its seconds,minutes,hours,days,years she is gonna find out.Outgoing. You just'd be lucky to have a Nsya.
Man, Nsya is the best friend you could ask for.
by Girlwhettt25fo February 25, 2018
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