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1. A punk band from South Shore MA. (noun)
2. Can also be used as a verb to change the style of a song. (verb)
3. Also, its when you fuck the shit out of ur dog in the asshole and you claim victory. (verb)
4. Can also be described as a massive orgy that you have with your band mates. (noun)
5. Now We Stand can also be described as the most sexiest people ever! and they can only be compaired to god! (noun)
6. The ritual of telling sexual adventures/stories at fast food places, commonly taco bell. (verb)
7. While driving around your local center of town, rolling down the windows of your car, and yelling MILF! (verb)
8. The act of stealing cones from your town, and feeling badass for it. (verb)
9. Being jewish. (adj)
10. To stand up simultaneously (verb)
"Now We Stand is a sick punk band from MA."
"Dude i hate how this song sounds we have to Now We Stand it."
"I gave my girlfriend (dog) the Now We Stand today and it was amazing."
"Last night, my friends all Now We Standed around town at the women"
"Now we stand, for the pledge of allegience"
by NWSGods March 04, 2010
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