my birthday is on November 25th and I have no-one to celebrate with (˃⌓˂)
by indianwaterbottle November 8, 2021
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Gf: hey babe can I have your hoodie?
Bf: why?
Gf: it’s November 25th!!
Bf: oh yea!
by Gimmeyohoodie October 24, 2019
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November 25th is the national not doing homework day
So if you have a lot of homework for this day the government legally allows you not to do any of it
Person 1: Dude, we have so much homework for November 25th
Person 2: Don’t worry! Didn’t you hear about the not doing homework day, it falls on the 25th November this year!
by Mango69420 November 18, 2019
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on this day, a bad bitch was born.
oh my god, tomorrows November 25th.

oh shit, it’s a bad bitches birthday
by Danielle wad October 15, 2019
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A beautiful, unique, and all around amazing person has a birthday today!
Someone: hey it’s November 25th

Other someone: okay what does that mean

Someone: someone somewhere is celebrating their birthday

Other someone: happy birthday to anyone with this birthday
by Blueberry21 November 11, 2019
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“November 25th is upon us😳.
by JEBUDDHA October 16, 2019
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November 25th is Na Jaemin’s Christmas day. This day was formed when the one and only , Na Jaemin, had to explain, in English, what day Christmas is on. Instead of saying December 25th, he said November 25th.

On this day you have to watch Jaemin related videos and songs that he is in, look at beautiful or funny photos of him, and do anything that is Jaemin related; you can even bake a Jaemin cake!

Make sure to support him and NCT!!!
🌱1 : Hey, when is Jaemin’s Christmas?
🌱2 : Oh it’s on November 25th! I can’t wait to watch videos about him.
by jeffreynoass November 8, 2020
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