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Northern Virginian Moron. This is the average person that lives in the Northern Virginia area. Typically these people are wealthy and have the education on paper to look like intelligent individuals however they lack any common sense what so ever. They are all a bunch of fucking retarded morons. They aren't good at doing ANY simple tasks like driving, operating cash registers, making hamburgers, drive through the appropriate lane at the toll booth, process paperwork, etc... These people display weapons grade stupidity. They are so god damn stupid they're retarded behavior is actually destructive to anyone with a shred of common sense.
The retard who had millions of dollars to improve the intersection of Waxpool and 28 and actually made it much worse.

The dumb bitch that changes lanes on a multi lane road and gets in front of you and doesn't actually accelerate past the person who they were originally behind.

The idiot who is too stupid to operate the cash register at any retail store causing the lines to back up and move slow as shit.

The fucknut who realizes he doesn't have a smart tag at the toll booth and stops right in front of the smart tag lane and just sits there blocking traffic.

The retarded property managers who accidentally tow resident’s cars and don't reimburse them.

The douche bags at the DMV that forgot to process your paperwork causing you find out 3 years later that your license has been suspended the whole time.

Pretty much 90 percent of all civil engineers that designed these horrendous roads.

The people that come to a complete stop at the start of the yield/acceleration lanes causing people that actually know how to drive to merge in to a 55mph road at only 30mph.

The lazy pieces of shit that build $500,000 dollar houses out of cardboard and chewing gum.

The uppity bitch that move in to those houses and brags to everyone how much their house cost.

If you live in Nova and get offended by this then guess what? You are a Novaron….
by I Hate VA January 14, 2005
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