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When an individual who has been exposed to an elongated period of seemingly subarctic temperatures gets in their car and, lost in their innermost desire to reach homeostasis, blasts the heat in the car to notch 4 (two notches from maximum). After a period of 4-6 minutes depending on the quality of the cars heating system, the person begins sweating profusely and could possibly undergo severe hallucinations. This unfortunate heating mistake is commonly referred to as a notch 4 misfire, not to be mistaken with a notch 2 assassin. (see also)
Fred: It's freezing!! I neeeeed heat!!!
(period of 4-6 minutes depending on your heating system)
Fred: Sweet mother of god it's hotter than hells ballsack in here! This was a notch 4 misfire if I ever saw one!
by notch4 October 28, 2011
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