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A Fleetwood Mac cover band gone terribly wrong. Once known to many local bars and clubs as a groove sensation, Nostril Worms has dug deep down in their heart, and shifted into the noisecore side of the New England underground D.I.Y scene. Nostril Worms has released many successful EPs (an upcoming album in the making currently) and has gained rapid success thanks to their buddy, bassist of A Moment Of Clarity, Kevin Landers. The band donates to the local charities at Loaves And Fishes: Community Organization to help the needy. The band consists of underage sex addict, Grim McBeatz on the skins, Dr. Poonslapper slappin' the thick strings, Choco Bear molesting the thin strings and front man Senor Pudding yelling the words. The band's lyrical theme has been known to revolve around the verbal abuse of a single individual, not to be named. After the release of their 2nd EP, titled "Nobody Messes With Sean", the band has announced that they will no longer target a single individual, but a wider range of people and themes. After the passing of their number 1 inspiration, Anal Cunt vocalist, Seth Putnam, the band has been left with the responsibility of continuing Seth's legacy in the budding New England noisecore scene.
Ray: hmmm Nostril Worms is a pretty loud band..
Harry: Shut the fuck up, Ray.
by Senor Pudding July 23, 2011
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