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One who refuses to accept new sequels and/or versions of past-successful products, whether it be movies, games, albums, etc.
Matt is such a nostalgia fag. He doesn't want to go see Back to the Future 2 because he only wishes to believe the first one was the best.

James has only played the original Super Mario Brothers and has no interest in the newer titles of the series.

Katelyn hates the new Cola flavor and says the original is the only she has ever liked.
by Burajin February 17, 2011
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Someone who devotes their entire personality to "retro" and "80s - 90s" content. This can include music like vaporwave and shitty wannabe japanese 90s Tokyo drift bullshit with the lined background with compressed images. The only actual song from 80s era they could mention would probably be Africa by Toto. They will also show their nostalgifaggyness by wearing shirts with retrowave bullshit or by making it a wallpaper on their iphone200XLR.
"Hey my fellow hip-hoppy bro dude hear that tight vinyl resanance by my fellow broheims at HOME?"
"No you fucking NOSTALGIAFAG"
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