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The most beautiful Pokémon in all the land. Rock type, with a magical nose. Beloved by Brock. Roxanne loves Nosepass too but she sucks and doesn't count.

Nosepass have wonderous blue rocky skin and an alluring red magnetic nose. They are roughly 3'03" tall and weigh in at about 214lbs. They evolve into Probopass, who are lame and can't control their bladders.

Nosepass are the most awesome genius wonderful rock-like organism in the known world and contrary to popular belief aren't fictional.

Humans have tried to breed with them, but only unsuccessfully. So far.
Brock: Nosepass, use rock smash attack!

Nosepass: Nosepass! Nosey nosey Nosepass!

Brock: Well done Nosepass! Gee, you sure look hot today. I love you Nosepass.

(they were wed the following Spring)
by Deadwardson November 13, 2007
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