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1. A greeting performed by two men facing each other, both grabbing each others penises, shaking them up and down, as if they were shaking each other's hands.

2. Two Norwegians shaking hands

Man 1: Oh hey there, Scott! *Reaches hand out and un-zips pants*

Man 2: Oh Jim! Nice to see you! *Also reaches out hand while un-zipping pants*

*Give each other a Norwegian Handshake*

Scott: See you later man!

Jim: You too!


Norwegian Scott: HEY!

Norwegian Jim: Sup bro?

*Shakes each others hands, than commence butt sex*
by AYearForPhil October 29, 2011
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When two ppl (mostly hillbillies) wanna ratify that they are, and will stay bff.
They pour/dip their hands in moonshine,and light the moonshine on fire, while shaking each others hands.
Mostly a thing u do to get som fun on the after-party.
Drunk Person 1: Hey man! We are like blood brothas!
Drunk Person 2: Yeah man! Let's do a Norwegian Handshake on THAT!!
by Ingdal February 17, 2009
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