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In ancient Norwegian history there was a story of a troll so ugly no other troll or anything of nature would touche it. This troll than went to a Norwegian Viking Metal Festivial. It met the most beautiful viking metalist it had ever saw. The troll tried talking to the man but the man refused to such a hidous creature. The troll than became very angry, and we all know when trolls get angry: They get HORNY! So the troll than went in the mans trailer which in that time was a wagon with 2 oxens. She filled the vikings gaunlet (because vikings drank from gaunlets at the time) with booze. She than hid under the vikings rock-like bed. Very thirsty the man than drank the whole gauntlet. He became very drunk. Than the troll leaped out from under the bed and became walking towards the viking. The viking saw the most beautifullest tree he had ever seen (because in those times vikings dated trees) They began to express their love for each other. The viking than started to have anal sex with the troll. Being very very turned on the troll than took it's hand and shoved it up the vikings ass. In this process troll fungus leaked out from her fingernails. It was a long night for those too. The viking than woke up the next morning. He procedeed to the bathroom to take some herbs for he had an extreme headache. All of a sudden he had the most strangest feeling in his stomach. He rushed over to the toliet and pulled his furrs down. He was screaming in agony as his vowels pushed out whatever was in his rectum. After about a half an hour of this unbelieveable pain he herd something crying. He pulled up his furrs and look in the toliet. He saw the most hidious thing in his entire life. He than looked in his rock bed to find the mother of this hidious creature lieing in his bed smoking a racoon. "YOUR THE FATHER OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL NORWEGIAN ASS BABY I HAVE EVER SEEN!" she said.

That fatefull night for generations and generations every norwegian man must suffer the pain of giving birth to an Norwegian Ass Baby once in his life.
Oh man Igor thats the most beautiful Norwegian ass baby I have ever seen!
by Killa Chris February 05, 2007
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