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A public high school in Norwalk Connecticut. It has decent academics and sports, but is filled with big booty thots , juul fiends, crackheads, etc.
β€œHey bro did u see that Sophomore thot?”

β€œYeah , I’m pretty sure she goes to Norwalk High School.”
by BootySlayr69 February 24, 2019
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the kids here are hella swaggy every day is lit i get turnt just by being in the presence of these groovy doovy kiddos they like to look at hella dope goat penis and the food makes my daddy wanna bend over for the chefs if you wanna fit in you HAVE to wear sunglasses indoors stay hip friendos
i eated norwalk high school for breakfast
by merrrrreeeeeeee August 22, 2016
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