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Small gang in Northern California's Bay Area region originated in Contra Costa County. Made up of a small number of "elites" who all aspire to do one thing: get rich.

Mainly a white gang, but non-racial against any color who wants to join. However,initiation into the group can be anywhere from serving time in jail/prison or murder. Only known enemy being the system, does not beef with any gangs.

What they stand for is to resist rules placed on them in society, but to understand there is a respected higher power above the system that runs everything behind the scenes.

It is the job of the Northern Resistance to run the streets indapendently, all while planning their careers in which to thrive in, whether that involves drugs, music, etc.

There is a strict code of good hygien, smart, focused and indapendent mindstate, and willingness to master both positive and negative energy.

The main focus is money, but rising to a top and powerful position to get it. Rarely do 2 persons in the gang cross paths on pursuing the same carreer.

Even though everyone stands together, it is a very much about indapendence.

Symbols can range anywhere from a red and black nor-cal star, to a hand sign in the shape of an arrow pointing up.

This is a very underground movement, but one not to be underestimated.
Ay, you hear about the dude comming up? I hear he part of that Northern Resistance shit, how we get in that?
by JR925CA April 11, 2010
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Actually, i heard different. I hear its a strictly white-only gang, but that they arent racist. Just proud of their race. Their enemy is law enforcement and their numbers are growing. Hard to get in though, no one knows where to look. I think the "elite" part is kinda of true haha.
I seen someone with that cali bear tattoo on the wrist meanin they were in Northern Resistance. pretty dope, fuck the police
by ttccc94 April 11, 2011
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