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A male from Sydney's North Shore (Northern Beaches) between the ages of around 16-22 who
A. Wears the trendiest clothes out
B. Has too much money and not enough to do with it
C. Lives in a mansion over looking the beach with parents who pay for everything
D. Hasn't experienced what the real world is all about
E. Hangs around clubs like the Greenwood in North Sydney
F. Constantly looks like they are posing for something
G. Have basic understanding of how society operates due to the ignorance of their sheltered north shore upbringing
H. Don't have much in the way of intelligence
I. Don't have much in the way of chest hair
A typical North Shore Fun Boy "hey dude, me corey and shay are goin' down to the beach for a surf, we'll pick up some extra drys, coronas, vodka cruisers or pure blondes on the way home then we'll hit up the greenwood man, pick up some chicks man. Just wait up i forgot my fluro shirt and sunglasses."
by storkman January 15, 2008
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