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rich white town in mass outside of boston dominated by:
-the boy's soccer team and football team
- wannabe gangsta white kids with tim's and overpriced designer pocket books
-teenagers who buy shitty overpriced pot using their parents money
-golden retrievers
-soccer mom's stopping in the middle of traffic to give you information about your own family
-cops who have nothing better to do than find the best places to hide with their radar guns
Go North Reading Hornets! Oh wow you live in North Reading! You must be rich!!
by Ducrow January 21, 2006
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Formerly 2/3 farm land in Northeastern Massachusetts. Dialing a phone back in the 70s only consisted of 5 numbers. Now you must dial an area code, exchange, number and press (1) for English. Was once able to ride down the main street on a bike wearing a blindfold while picking your nose. Now in the new millennium there is a Wendy's, Macdonald's and a Wal-Mart with gulls circling around the parking lots. Even though there is multi-million dollar homes you still need the Spanish-English dictionary if you want to buy a burger. Kids bring weapons to school in their parents BMWs or Mercedes and pop oxycontin like candy from a pez dispenser. All the original townies still think it is 1980 and they wear tight jeans and have mullets. All the new rich people are stuck up fucks that think their shit don't stink, and the cross-over people that cut their mullets off became stuck up cunts.
North Reading used to be a nice little town with quiet safe streets, but now it is just an over populated, forest ruining, money hungry Jones following city.
by Dink Weed February 21, 2008
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1.Town of complete fucking dominance, everyone is fucking boss, and sports is the best. No one takes any shit, especially from the assholes in Lynnfield. Not to be mistaken with the most fucking awesome place evar.

2. Town controlled by shitty schools. nuff said
Oh wow I wana live in North Reading its so fucking awesome.

Wow I hope our town isnt like North Reading schools.
by Jizz McLongballs February 15, 2011
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A rich white town with fake people
Middle schoolers think it’s cool to buy pot and vape

- they usually get in trouble for doing this in school

Girls wear 10 lbs of makeup on their face and usually have sex at age 13
Boys think they are more cool than they are and ask girls for nudes way too much
Middle school drama occurs a lot in the shitty school
Parents are rich and oblivious to what their children are doing
Look at all those drunk, high, middle school kids from North Reading!
by ayee33003 October 16, 2018
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