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north side of Billerica, a shitty, poor place where the "NB" kids chill, get drunk, smoke weed and fight anyone who fucks with them, There are tons of north billerica or "NB" kids in this town. You can get pretty much any drug in NB. Many people of the age 13+, are drug dealers, and related with criminal activity. North billerica kids hate pinehurst kids ( other part of billerica )there has been many many fights, stabbings, many robberies( vehicle, store, home, ect.),stolen cars, taggings from local vandals all over the area, drug related crimes, people murdered over drug deals,people getting mugged, lots of rape or sex offenders, all through this area of town. Many residents of Billerica, would say North Billerica is the worst part of town, based on high crime rates, strong drug content, and vioence.
Yo, i gotta go up to North Billerica, to pick up some weed and cocaine for tonight, i just hope i dont get robbed.
by W.B Mason March 07, 2007
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North Billerica aint that bad. NB kids are the hood ratz and grimy niggas of North Billerica. We get fucked up, get fucked and fuck shit up. Once you get past 7 11 and wendys you in the real part of the NB. Fuck the 5 o we run this shit. Be careful at night cause all the NB kids come out chillin all shitty and fucked up be careful ya dont get robbed cuzz. Rep my blue flagzz.
blueeee rags niggasss fuck slobzz north billerica style.
by cUZZZ December 18, 2007
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