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North Babylons a pretty decent town as much as my likes. Most kids from here are either the "gangster" type or punk-rock type, but nobody likes them and are often trageted to drive by killings, killings in which they are slammed with a bottle of some sort or have water poured on them and occasionaly a sauce packet, most preferably from McDonalds because theyre big containers. Most kids here smoke MASS amounts of weed(Piff of course, no regs, just dro and exos) and drive around egging people or cursing them out for no reason but when your blitted its fun. overall north bab is the number 1 town in suffolk and will fuck west bab and especially Queer Park up any day! Cheaaa!
Lets go blow a cloud of some piff into the drive thorugh at the north babylon McDonalds then kill the lady will a cup of water

Who got 5 on It?

Wats good with an Owop?

Theres bag lady screaming to herself lets throw something at her
by I Get High August 22, 2007
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A place on Long Island, New York, located off of exit 51 south off the LIE in suffolk county. Known mostly for its high school football team, and the #1 place in NY for street racers to meet. North Babylon has become a haven to anyone who has a car with 300hp or more. Most of the racers usually meet off of deer park ave. aka 231. And of course, it seems that everyone in the town owns a mustang.
"Yo Mark, are you taking you stang tonight to that racers meet off of 231 in north babylon?"

"Fuck Yeah dude!!! I also just drop in a new 347 stoker motor into my stang. Shits gonna be fucking fast!!"

"Hey I heard North Babylon just whipped West Babs ass in football on saturday, what was that score again???"

:It was like, 65-7, they murked them niggaz!!!"
by CobraF16 March 06, 2008
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A place on Long Island New York. It is better than other towns near them such as Wyandanch, West Babylon, and West Babylon. They say that they are accepting of the LGBTQ+ community but they still call people bad things but ya know it's just a joke to them. They are sometimes referred to as gangsters. There are some good kids but sometimes you can't be innocent. And this was written by a person, class of 2024 and I want to get out of this town as soon as possible. Most of my friends aren't even going to high school. Good luck to us don't come for me
I want to get out of the town North Babylon ASAP
I hate North Babylon everyone thinks that they are the best and cool but they aren't
by NorthBabKidThatHatesNorthBab January 13, 2019
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