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Dublin colloquialism meaning to forego a shower in favour of a spray of deodorant, usually Linx.

Originates from the poorer, working class people from the North side of Dublin. (see knacker.)
Chantel: Are yeh ready to go, Anto?

Anto: Yeah, jus' lemme have a North Side Shower foirst. *sprays Linx* Let's go, da 75 won't wait for yizzes.
by 5hrink September 19, 2009
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This is when a Northsider (person originating or living on the north side of the river Liffey in Dublin) can't be bothered to take a proper shower and simply sprays themselves down with deoderant, febreez or a cheap disinfectant bought at the local LIDL or ALDI.

While for most civilised people, this might seem repugnant, the practice works for Northsiders because they are all Knackers (member of the Irish travelling community or a Northsider or anyone from Limerick)
Jayzez, did you cop a whiff of that Northsider?! I thought he was OK but once the shower wore off, it brought tears to my eyes.

That bleedin' knacker must have settled for a Northside Shower because after the aerosol blew away the flowers started to wilt.
by Bog Pirate November 09, 2009
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