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Wiggin' out for no reason.

This state is characterized by inexplicable paranoia. It is created and fostered by isolation. Victims of North Koraziness do not realize that living Life outside a cage is difficult but can be really fun and exciting.

Thankfully, this state is alleviated and (in some cases) cured by sociability. Religion and exercise provide relief, but the key is to interact with other members of one's species in a polite and appropriate manner.
Victim-"Doc, you gotta help me. Somebody's following me!"

Physician-"Be calm, you're acting North Korazy. North Koraziness can be cured. Worry less. No Woman No Cry. Take some Benadryl, it'll help with your allergies and ease your North Koraziness."

Victim-"But there's gonna be a nuclear war maaaaaaaan!"

Physician-"Yes, yes I know. Please rest and I'll see you in a month or two when the symptoms subside. Have a great day and good luck. Vaya con Dios."
by b Money333 June 24, 2009
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