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Everything shitty about North dakota -- which is everything.

Some examples include:

-Passive aggressiveness***
-tourist attractions mean that there is a larger than normal rock to look at, maybe some buffalo
-everyone drives literally 10 miles under the speed limit
-everyone thinks that they know everything because "their uncle dale read about it in a book somewhere"
-everyone is related to each other, but they'll still try to fuck each other, exclusively
-where "marijuana cigarettes" are a felony, but sure, go ahead, fuck your sister
- where Drake is considered "negro bumps" by the locals. If anyone is playing anything harder than Drake, the police are called
-It's flat
Ex. 1: North Dakota is one of the icyest places in the contiguous United States. Better throw some dirt on it & not put any road salt down!
Dave: Damn! That's some Fucking North Dakotan fuckin bullshit!

Ex. 2:

Jerome: Hey susie, wanna hangout?
Susie: no, my stomach hurts
*Proceeds to post a million snap stories of "Chillin with my bestie!!! LOL xoxoxoxoxoxox" *
Jerome: Wow, couldn't you have just been straight up? Fucking North Dakotan fuckin bullshit

Ex. 3: North Dakotan driver pulls up to a left turn yield on green, and decides to wait 2 light cycles before turning, because the cars that are traveling at 25 mph are traveling "too fast" and there was "no time" to turn.
Chad: Are you fucking serious? That's actually some north dakotan fuckin bullshit right there

Ex. 4:

Richard: Hey, I was just wondering if I could get some help on some math homework today?
* two days pass *
Maggie: Oh sorry, I was at work!
Richard: Wow....the least you could've done was say you didn't know. That's the epitome of North Dakotan fuckin bullshit right there
by DJ Pissed As FUCK July 13, 2015
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