The Normal guy is a generally calm and instrospective guy who doesn't get into fights and fits in well with everyone else but may be a little too strict sometimes. A student can be a normal guy if he follows up with his schedule.
The normal guy is the one just walking down the street, dressed in a suit coming back to work. His peers may find him a little too strict and for the normal guy he is just fitting in despite not needing to be too strict on some small things. The normal guy can be best described as Lawful Neutral, follower, or simply low-profile.
by mclure June 12, 2012
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A guy....a person or just a living thing that minding his/her/it's own business and means no harm to anyone. Who just want to live the life without any problem.

But sometimes...things doesn't get the right way....
Hey please don't kill me...i am just a normal guy.

Don't mind me guys....just a normal guy doing normal work.
by Komi jugi January 16, 2020
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The canadian Joe six-pack. Sits on the couch with his friends, beer in hand, and watchs the good ol' Hockey game.
Canadian kid: Having an ordinary everyday normal guy for a dad is so much better that having a Joe six-pack for a dad. He knows when the drinking should stop and never neglects me!

American kid: Oh yeah, well, I have stuff. Stuff is my dad.
by ruk182 February 10, 2010
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