(UK term, abbreviation: NfN)

"Normal for Norfolk" is a descriptive phrase used to describe an individual or action which is seen as so ridiculous it could only have been born as a result of the inbreeding supposedly commonly found in Norfolk. This can range from unusual local pronunciations and dialect to the incredibly stupid nature of many accidents in the region, or sometimes merely be a comment on how someone might look physically abnormal in a manner which cannot be prescribed to a specific condition.

The term was first noted to be used by staff at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, with relation to the number of accidents caused by the sheer stupidity of locals (See example 3). People who move to Norfolk from outside the region quickly pick it up and use it as a derogatory term. Norfolk types on the other hand use it affectionately to describe their own quirks. It is more commonly associated with rural Norfolk than those in the city of Norwich.

Not to be confused with the noun Redneck, although the act of shooting trespassers with shotguns among Norfolk types is just as common.
1) A thumb and five fingers on each hand? Normal for Norfolk.

2) He's on the ward to remove the coke can from his finger - He wanted to try and scrape out the last few drops so just stuck it straight in. Normal for Norfolk.

3) He tried warming up his bath by pouring a little petrol in and lighting it... Incident was noted to be Normal for Norfolk.
by Wigifer July 13, 2012
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