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A native Australian who runs from the police, says 'fuck these white cunts' alot despite taking advantage of the culture they introduced, talks shits and gets bashed then calls his entire tribe for help, is always off his head, lights ciggarette butts, never went to school, cant talk much, begs for money for the bus, comes to your house wearing one shoe; leaves a couple hours later somehow he's got two.

They also steals M&M's from the pubs, sniff glue, has 14 kids:
9 sisters 12 cousins and is rooting all of them, smells freshly painted bus stops,
Working consists of deciding whether to beg for money or smokes.

Gets meals from centrelink and
mobs some asian kid, steals all his dardy shit, goes to cash converters hocks it in, comes home with 2 blocks and half a stick 3 beers and 1 smoke each for his kids and thinks he's filthy fucking rich.
Wow I've witnessed all of the above! Must be a noongah.
by RickyC1 March 16, 2009
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The true owners of the land in the South West part of Australia.
Us white Australians say hateful things about Noongahs because since 1829 we have robbed them of their land, raped, murdered, abused and committed genocide against them, and we are afraid that our crimes against humanity will catch up with us.
by wadjilla July 03, 2009
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