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Consists of the words noona and whore. Noona is korean and literally translated as 'older sister'. It's only used by males to refer to older female relatives like cousins or older female close friends.

Noun: Used for the lead rapping member, Choi Minho, of the extremely talented Korean group named SHINee. The only instance used, is when Minho happens to be in the same room as Kwon BoA, who is from the same company, and the only woman Minho will ever act sexually towards,
See - hyungwhore

Verb: being flirtatious and suggestive towards noonas, even in front of cameras.
Non-K-Pop Fan: Who's the hottie pelvic thrusting with the midget?
K-Pop fan: That's Choi Minho, noonawhoring it up with Kwon BoA.

K-Pop Fan: Why is Minho always all over BoA?
Other K-Pop Fan: Because he's a noonawhore for her.
by Minho's House Whore November 18, 2010
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