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A noobyawker is a recent transplant to New York City from any where outside of the state of New York (e.g.: Missouri) who thinks they are a native New Yorker after being in the city for a brief amount of time. They are also ones who live in gentrified areas (e.g.: Williamsburg, Brooklyn) and think that they have "lived" through the worst the city has to offer.

They will also use the same language when referring to things that others have designated for "tourist use" (e.g.: Avenue of the Americas/Grand Central Shuttle as the "S train")

Also can be used as a synonym for hipster.
Tourist: "Excuse me, can you tell me how I can get to Times Square?"
Man 1: "Sure, just go down Grand Central here and take the "S train to Times Square."
Tourist:"S train?"
Man 1: "Yeah it's the shuttle."
Man 2:"Dude, you're such a noobyawker."
Man 1: "What? It is the S!"
Man 2: "It's called the Grand Central Shuttle. No one calls it the S train unless you're a tourist."
Man 1: "But I'm not a tourist! I've been in New York for 3 year now!"
by Lookalikeaman November 12, 2011
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