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A title for use to describe kids of a lower grade in school, once you reach grade 8. Used to show disgust for a lower grade's lack of wisdom, intelligence, maturity, and/or physical fitness. It can also be used outside of education-based scenarios.
Gr.8 #1: The new grade sevens think they know everything.
Gr .8 #2: What nooby gr.7s.

Ex. #2:
Gr.12 #1: Those grade 9s think they are so mature, they don't even have jobs yet.
Gr.12 #2: They're just a bunch of nooby grade sevens like in middle school.

Ex. #3:
Man #1: Dude, that guy just made a right turn and hit the curb. Now the front-right wheel just fell off!
Man #2: Eh, what a nooby grade seven.
by EnragedHavoc August 18, 2011
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