1) A person who has very low confidence in playing dota and often refers to himself as Noob or noobiest noob. This is of course in an attempt to put down the effort one has to contribute in the game. By refering to him/her self as noob, they believe that teammates expect less out of them and they can get away with being noob (although its really a self confidence issue). Prefered heroes include: Nai'x, Faceless Void, PA, any hero which needs to farm + autoattack. (They dont have confidence to use spells).

2) True Captain
3) True Patriot
4) True Boziatis

5) The Dean
6) NoobiestNoob
7) eagl(without e)_down_under
1) Eh True Captain stop calling yourself NoobiestNoob, you're after all the true captain.

2) NoobiestNoob has entered the room
2 mins later....
NoobiestNoob pulled plug due to low confidence
by PicNikPic April 12, 2011
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