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A style of Ladder Slasher playing that involves playing within the maze catacombs. The style involves using the fact that monsters are much weaker to allow Noob ladder slasher players to kill monsters at a level at which they normally would not be able to. This will then lead to a noob ladder slasher to advance through the ranks with ease which then leads to congradulation topics about there luck of the game. In real life this could be compared to a horrible athelete racing a handicapped person winning by an enormous amount not do to there accomplishments but do to a handicapped person's failure then gloating and being praised at the finish line.

Players that use the Noobicombicon style (also known as Noobicombiconians) rely on the Catastar to advance quickly through the levels. Becuase Noobicombiconians cannot kill very quickly a single Catastar can advance a Noobicombiconian through levels over 5 times faster.
rarehunter1 is a Noobicombiconian as he plays with the Noobicombicon style
by Catastar December 22, 2008
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