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Noob Point Overdose, or NPO for short, is the reference to one who has obtained over 250 noob points within a given period of time (prescribed by the gamer giving the points). If you suffer from NPO, you must work with a True Gamer to redeem yourself, otherwise you will fail for the rest of your life, and your children will be born little nooblings, and you will never be able to teach them to become anything more. The typical cure for NPO is a stressful operation, involving sitting in front of the computer screen for 36 hours, awake and actively inputting into the computer.
Jake: Oh my gosh, my kid was born without a thumb!

Larry: Thats because you never redeemed yourself from that time you went to bed at 9:30 and your child was born a noobling. Noob Point Overdose takes it's toll on another unsuspecting ex-gamer.

Jake: Is there any way to fix it?

Larry: Well, if you stop by my lair tonight around 8, and dont plan on doing anything for a day or two, then you may be able to have it removed.
by StrangeThangs March 28, 2009
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