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1. The inability to use logic;

2. Nonsensical reasoning by an individual;

3. The byproduct of an individual saying someone is using "Fevens Logic". Commonly seen when two people are in a debate and one person lacks the intelligence to produce anything intellectual to the debate. Noob Logic can also be seen when one person has exhausted all of their mediocre efforts.

In each case, this person will immediately state that the other person is using "Fevens Logic" to insult. "Fevens Logic" is not condusive to being stubborn.
Person 1: My record is 80-5 at Cod of Duty 4.

Person 2: You're a scrub. You played against terrible teams. Your talent can only be measured by the opponents you play. You can only win by playing against terrible teams.

Person 1: Umm...well...hmm...That's Fevens Logic, for ya.

Person 2: Stop talking. You sir, are using Noob Logic.
by Overweight no-lifer November 18, 2009
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