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A game made by Konami during their PSX period for the Sega Saturn. A rather good but obscure port, it featured more stages, numerous gameplay changes, and you could play Richter, Alucard, or Maria from the start. One of the exclusives being that you could play as Maria.
"This castle is a creature of chaos, it may take MANY incarnations"-- Alucard Tepes, Castlevania

"Hey", said Guy 1. "Want to play Symphony of the Night?"

"Symphony of the Night, is too mainstream. Let's play it's Japanese Saturn port, Nocturne in the Moonlight!", said Hipster 1

"I don't have a Saturn", said Guy 1

"Well then, screw you then poser", said Hipster 1
by Haruhi-chan in Washingtan January 06, 2013
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