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Noble street is the high school where once you are handed 4 demerits, you get an automatic detention. Fucking bitches right? They are very strict. If you even tap someone it’s an automatic 4 demerits. They let you have your phone in your pockets but once they see a tiny bit of your phone, 4 demerits. Teachers are on your ass 24/7. They also have something called a Lasalle. You have to go to burnside(our lunchroom) after school for 30 minutes if you don’t finish your homework or don’t do it at all. Even if you forget to do one question, it’s a lasalle. Oh yeah, detention is 2 hours. They give you a packet to work on in detention. You have to serve a detention only on fridays. On top of that, on fridays, we get out at 1:15. So getting detentions aren’t so pleasing huh? If you get a lasalle on friday but you also have a detention, u have to serve your detention then stay another 30 minutes for your Lasalle. Noble street gives you a lot of homework everyday :( It’s also full of hoes and potheads. There’s a lot of fights too and drama but what can i say? Be Noble right?
you go to noble street? must suck.”
by UrMomLickedMyToes September 29, 2019
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