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A Nobin prickard is a fellow who seems to unknowingly
tell tales of false goings on, a fellow who takes a story
and tells it to a level of complete undignified fabrication.

Tales of throwing tv's out of the window, taking up smoking
because of child abuse, causing "mayhem" ahem, with ones dad.

Usually part of a scout troop, the Nobin Prickard is found in large
packs of tie wearing toggle bashers who listen to busted, and actually
enjoy it.
"Dude, have you seen how shit that guys tattoos are?"
"Yeah, what a nobin prickard."

"Guys im in trouble, i broke my leg in 7 places yesterday, then had to
run to the hospital but bumped into a mormon who convinced me that hospitals
are morally wrong. so i decided to take him to the pub and we had seventy pints of ale each...and then we had a massive fight!"

"yeah yeah, okay...we believe you" " who the hell is this kid, Nobin prickard?"

"once i saw a baby eat 20 cigarettes in a single go"

"man stop it you Nobin prickard, we all know thats not true"

by Tom faulkner February 15, 2009
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