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NoR4U / No R 4 U (noh-ahr-fohr-yoo) -interjection

Originally this was the name of an award a player could recieve in Super Smash Brothers Melee © for not useing either R or L shoulder buttons which activated the shield during a fight.

It has since been addapted to other video games as a word/phrase to say after defeating someone soundly in some sort of game, normally a fighting game although some people use it for raceing games (and sadder yet... mario party v_v)

The word/phrase implies that the recipient had been beaten without even putting up a fight (the one saying it didn't even have to defend themselves or their position)
Player A (1337 player) defeated Player B (n00b)in the fighting game called Mortal Kombat and achieved a "Flawless Victory"

Player B: "damnit you suck"
Player A: "haha, NoR4U"
Player B: "Shutup, fag"
by Gamma4 October 29, 2006
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