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The greatest insult ever written:

No offense bro but you are the ugliest motherfucker I have ever seen. If I didn't know any better I'd assume your mom was a titty waitress at Hooters, got pregnant, was fired for her slump appearance, then couldn't afford an abortion so she had the local kids try and whack her bulging fetus like a piñata.

Only you survived and that's how you ended up with such a disfigured face. Either that or you got baptized with scolding hot coffee. I bet if a blind kid felt your face he'd be asking why there's a pizza on this camel's ass.

shits disgusting bro, get it sorted or at least wear a bucket over your head or something.

Forum user: Am I ugly? Picture included

Forum troll: No offence bro...
by trollprince December 15, 2011
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