It's the no nut November for girls. For the entirety of February, a girl participating in the challenge may not engage in any form of masturbation or sex whatsoever until the month is over. Porn is allowed to be watched.

The victors may participate in Masturbation March.
Guy: No nut november was so hard!
Girl: Well I'm gonna do No Flick February
by TriangularTruther November 2, 2018
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The female form of no nut Novemeber in which the female cannot get off. This is to show the will power and strength of a woman. There are rules:
Female may not masturbate in any form including but not limited to fingers, toys, shower heads etc...
Female must not cum or orgasm in any way.
Female may become aroused however, must show her strength and will power by not giving in.

Erotic dreams are allowed however must not be acted upon.
If involved it is the partners role to try to arouse the female to tempt her.
Upon successfully completing this task the female should participate in munch it March in which the female receives copious amounts of oral sex.
Paul: Girl I want to feel you quiver as I kiss my way up your thighs
An anonymous female: No way player Im participating in no flicking the bean February , but when I make it munch it March your my bitch... bring chapstick
by Paula Phelps November 8, 2018
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