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Nnoitra is the fifth Espada in Aizen's arrancar army, from the popular manga and anime series, Bleach. His Espada tattoo is on his tongue, which is just a small example of what a fearless bastard he is. Nnoitra only has one eye, in the space where his left eye should be is his hollow hole surrounded by his bone fragment. He claims himself to be the strongest Espada. Nnoitra's previous hollow form was that of a praynig manits.
He is one of the most perverted and lewd characters. He seems to be chauvanistic, and is disdainful of those he deems weaker than himself.
His zanpakuto is Santa Teresa, a beast of a weapon that isn't like a normal katana, instead is huge and axe-like, made of two large half-cresent shapes fused at the back. The end of it is attached to a chain on his waist, meaning he can throw that bastard and perform long range attacks. Santa Teresa is not to be fucked with, especially when Nnoitra goes into release mode. His resureccion gives him an extra two arms, and Santa Teresa becomes four separate blades in the shape of half-crescent moons.
Affectionately known as the Pedo-spoom, Nnotra may also be commonly reffered to as Nnoi, the Spoony Espada or just plain peadophile, due to his spoon like appearance and creepy smile, as well as his perverted personality. He is followed around by his only fraccion Tesra Lindocruz, a sad little bitch who has no life and only exists to kiss his masters ass.
Oh my god, is that a walking spoon?
No you dumbass, it's Nnoitra

Whoah, four arms?
Yep, I bet he's better than Kenpachi. Unf.
by lojo89 October 29, 2011
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