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Nneamaka, a rare name meaning a good mother. The most unique Nigerian girl you will ever meet. She is extremely brilliant but sometimes she's just dumb. The most primitive and loudest girl in your group. She might look as confident and care-free as ever but she's actually too shy and insecure about herself. She loves unconditionally and has a caring spirit. She can never decline a request, no matter what. She never says no. Her beauty is mesmerizing and her body can kill. Her mind sees life differently and that's what makes her stand out. Her heart is her. It has been bruised and broken but it's still there. Once you've captured her heart, you've captured her. If you have the luck to know Nneamaka, she will be a blessing to you. Do not let Nneamaka go.
'I need a Nneamaka to bless my life.'
'I don't any kind of girl, I want Nneamaka
by morajayy May 13, 2018
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