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An acronym of the words 'Not my type of thing' which started from instant messaging services but has quickly spread to general chat in real life conversations. A number of additions have been made to the nmtot family that can be made to describe however you are feeling about anything from the topic of conversation to a person you dislike at the moment which is easily changed by removing the last letter from the acronym and replacing it with your dislike, for example, not my type of weather would become nmtow. This brilliant abbreviation can be used to better friendships by finding common grounds and find mutual dislikes, also used as ice breakers in conversations and awkward silences that will ensure laughter of this fun word from your group.
Person 1: Looking forward to that exam next?
Person 2: No that's definitely nmtot

Person 2: Oo that Ryan is nmtop!
Person 1: What's that?
Person 2: Not my type of person of course!
by This is My Type of Thing May 13, 2011
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