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A rich town called Niskayuna is filled with "tough white suburban kids" that like to try to be ghetto and "black".

The entire place consists of toolish kids that follow every fad they smell. A typical kid there wears Northface, Uggs, says beast and pretends to be black, buys coffee and faggacinos on a regular basis, listens to rap and mainstream and still thinks they have great taste in music, and jacks off to Hannah Montana.

The community is an absolute joke, filling every stereotype imaginable.

Here is an example of Niskayuna humor.

Nisky kid 1 : hay lets go to st. james square get coffee and then yell poop.
Nisky kid 2 : lol so funny and randum hurrhurr hurr okey
Nisky kid 3 : and then after we will do the t-bag
Nisky kid 1 : hahaha hurr hurr we do t-bag lol
Nisky kid 2 : hurr hurr t-bag

A typical Niskayuna conversation goes like this.
Nisky kid 1 : hay dood wanna go to the local starbucks hurr?

Nisky kid 2 : ye man its pretty beast!
Nisky kid 1 : dooooood....thats black.
Nisky kid 2 : ye man u hear that rap song by lady gaga
Nisky kid 1 : ya dude it was so black

The funny thing is that the black population is something like 1% of the entire community and are all contained in a place called Hillcrest Village. It is beyond the comprehension of most to understand why a white suburban kid whose parents make six figures can still claim to be ghetto.

The popular girls there are all Jewish.
Person 1 : Hey who are all those faggots wearing northface, uggs, muggs, trading girlfriends like pokemon cards, trying to be black, calling themselves ghetto, being white, putting their balls in each others mouths and yelling poop in St. James Square?

Person 2 : Oh those are Niskayuna kids.

Person 1 : Haha! They're so gay!
by Quideus Marquis March 24, 2010
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